How to Make Whey: A Starter Culture

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One of the basics to making fermented food is whey. Whey has good bacteria that will help give your fermented veggies a good start into fermentation. Many recipes require about a 1/4 cup of whey and here’s a way to get that!

This is my personal recipe card from the past but I’ll go into more description below.


Recipe: Whey from Yogurt


1 liter of yogurt


Cheesecloth (or something similar)

A jar with a lid


  1. Put the yogurt in the cheesecloth and drain it into a bowl. You may want to leave it for an hour or more to drain. When there’s no more liquid coming out, you’re done!
  2. Set the liquid on the counter overnight. Cover it with a tea towel. (Put the yogurt back in the fridge. You don’t need it anymore.)
  3. Pour the whey into a jar and stick a tight-fitting lid on top.

The whey will keep in fridge a for a few weeks. The sooner you use it, the stronger it is.