What’s the Easiest Fermented Food to Make?

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A number of newbies to healthy eating and fermented food have asked me “what’s the easiest fermented food to make?” Here’s my take on it:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ovTtGrp4K0]

My pick for the easiest is definitely kombucha. Why? It’s low maintenance, simple recipe, has common ingredients and tastes good.

Kombucha also contains no common allergens like dairy and a culture dependent on dairy. And if you’re busy, you’ll appreciate the lack of chopping. Kombucha is also quite cheap to make – just sugar and tea.

Probably the hardest part of kombucha is getting a scoby but that’s not even too hard. I got mine on Ebay and I’ve also gotten ones from friends. I’ve given them away as well.

If you’ve already done kombucha or want to give it a pass, the next one I’d recommend is kefir. If you’d like to avoid dairy, the next one I’d recommend is a very basic sauerkraut. Just cabbage and salt.

For more videos on kombucha and the rest of it, visit our Fermaculture Youtube Channel.