How To Eat Passion Fruit

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Looking to learn how to eat passion fruit? If you haven’t grown up in a tropical location or been around much tropical fruit, you may be a bit unfamiliar with it. It’s delicious so it’s not a fruit you want to miss if you can get it.

Here’s the video:


How to Eat Passion Fruit – Main Points

  • you can still eat it if the skin is wrinkled – some prefer it this way
  • you can eat the seeds of a passion fruit
  • it’s tangy and a bit sour

img_5685-001Wrinkly skin, still edible.

Great Ways to Use Passion Fruit

  • a topping for fruit salad, muffin, yogurt, cereal and more
  • in a smoothie (with banana is great)
  • in desserts (seeds are often removed for this)

smooth-passion-fruitSmooth skin, also ready to eat.

Benefits of Passion Fruit

  • antioxidants (can help protect your body from cancer by fighting free radicals)
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin A help boost immune system
  • potassium (helps balance blood pressure)
  • iron: 20% of rda
  • minerals like copper, magnesium and phosphorus
  • fiber from the seeds
  • eye healthy

So now you know how to eat passion fruit and why you should. It’s a great fruit to have around and when it’s in season, it’s usually plentiful. Enjoy!

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