Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Eating healthy on a budget is possible! I do it every week. At times you do need to make compromises depending on exactly what your budget is and where you live. My philosophy is to make the best choices I have within my means.

Know Your Priorities

There are certain things that are more important to buy organically or grass fed or just to buy every week. These are where my priorities lie:

  1. Refuse to buy anything GMO. That means no soy, canola or corn products unless it is noted to be GMO free. This reduces the amount of processed food you will buy which is great.
  2.  Dairy: only buy grass fed and organic dairy products and milk. Cows are often fed GMO feed and that makes milk different, less valuable and could potentially damage our health.
  3. Pasture Fed Eggs. Eggs are a great source of nutrition and often a cheaper alternative to other animal proteins. Eggs from chickens fed grass in a pasture and no GMO feed are my absolute priority. What’s the point of eating eggs from chickens who have not been eating well themselves?
  4. Grass Fed / Free Range Meat. Again, I don’t want any animal products from animals ingesting GMO feed but it’s not only that. When animals are eating fresh food (like grass) and in a more natural environment, the meat is better for us. With meat, I want to protect against the junk meat and find the good stuff that will provide the critical vitamins and minerals we need from our meat.
  5. Fresh fruit and veggies. They are essential and we get what’s in season so it’s cheaper.

My Tips on Eating Healthy on a Budget

Tip #1: The Co-op


Check back for more tips as I will keep adding videos in the future.