A winding road led us here to Fermaculture. And you can read all about it here. Yay!

In a nutshell, we like to eat well. By well, I mean healthy food full of goodness to support us with a healthy body. And tasty too. (Can’t forget that!) We now put out videos, blog posts and recipes about what we’re cooking and eating.


The Journey

It all started with me (April) buying my mom a book on fermenting. I thought she would be interested – and she was. We stayed at her place for months while our daughter was a baby and thought we’d try the whole fermenting thing.

Having a baby had already led me to eating as well as I knew how to and learning about the whole “probiotic thing” was a bit of a light-bulb moment.

After leaving my parents and returning to Australia, we decided to open up a fermented food stall at a number of farmers markets and Fermaculture was born then. So we sold fermented food for a few years and then decided to close up shop and travel before our daughter started school.

ricky-fermaculturemarketstallRicky at our first market.

Upon settling down in one spot again, we decided to keep going with our mission of getting fermented food out there and extend it to healthy food in general.

My mission now is to share what I’ve learned about fermented food and healthy food and share it with those who want to eat healthy yummy food. It is also to teach those who want to eat better but are unsure of how to really go about it.